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alisyn: a fox news alert, a new warning on america's debt just as lawmakers prepare for the next battle at the white house. i'm alisyn camerota in for megyn kelly. standard & poors is telling top lawmakers that the nation's credit rating is headed for a downgrade even before the default deadline. we are awaiting the white house daily news briefing. mike emanuel is standing by live at the white house for us. it's not just standard & poors, it's moody's also. is the white house talking about this. >> reporter: we've heard officials saying this makes the case this a deal needs to be struck, and of course we've had a series of these meetings since sunday, daily meetings with the president of the united states, key congressional leaders and it sounds like things are getting more tense as the days go by.
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here is senator republican mitch mcconnell on president obama. >> he really gave us three bad choices. higher taxes, smoke and mirrors, or default. and we refused to accept any of them. republicans will not be reduced to being the tax collectors for the obama economy. we won't be see duesed into calling a bad deal a good deal. and we won't let the white house full around with the full faith and credit after the yo united states. >> reporter: clearly mitch mcconnell is concerned whether a deal with be struck. one hopes behind closed doors in these meetings as they are trying to find common ground that perhaps the tone is a little better. in public it certainly does not sound like they are close to a deal. alisyn: it really doesn't. mike, there were a couple of different stories about what happened yesterday when the president walked out of the meetings. what have you been able to find out about that?
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>> reporter: that's right, it depends on who you ask. after almosafter two hours of mc cantor and the president went mano ymano where president obama wrapped up where he thought he stood. and canter interrupting. the question is whether or not the president abruptly walked out or whether he simply made his point and decided the meeting was over. here is house democratic leader nancy pelosi. >> i don't understand what the problem is if the president of the united states has a meeting for over two hours and says, see you tomorrow, that's how meetings with presidents end. >> reporter: we'll get information from jay carney on the white house perspective and the key players will get back to the negotiating table at 4:15. alisyn: this will be an interesting press briefing with jay carney.
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keep us posted as to what happens. thanks so much. our next guest says this entire debt crisis maybe an exercise in fefutility because the crisis wl be on us again in months. >> reporter: a former chief economist for the international trade commission, peter mmorici. i'm troubled by your article that says it doesn't matter what both sides agree to with this debt deal because we are headed in the direction of greece, what do you mean? >> listen to moody's. they say we have to come up with a credible program to reduce the deficit. we are simply not getting that from either side, especially the president. you know, if you wrap all the tax increases together you come up with a couple of hundred billion dollars, against a $1.6 trillion deficit. ask them about spending cuts, what came out of yesterday's meetings and what is
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increasingly apparent is he's not interested in spending cuts. we'll have deficits as far as the eye can see that are very large. we will be downgraded. in time if we continue along the path we'll get to the point where greece is where we'll have to print money to get out of it or default. alisyn: basically what you're saying, you're the math guy, be gentle with the rest of us who may not be able to follow along quite as quickly, but the gdp is out paced by entitlement spacing like social security, medicare and medicaid. >> absolutely. thanks to the policies we've pursued over the past several years growth is only at about 2%. medicare, medicaid are growing 5, 6% a year, we have the baby boom retiring. people are living longer. we have it in our heads that people ought to have 20-year retirements. we can't afford how much services we are now providing but how rapid hraoet prices are rising and how many more people are going to need them. folks will have to work longer and we'll have to get a handle
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on what we pay for healthcare. alisyn: it sounded like a week ago that the president was open to some social security reform as part of this debt deal. would that help? >> well it would, but what kind of changes? is it just, you know, some promises, five, six years from now? mr. cantor asked the president yesterday for his plan. he says who am i negotiating with, you or boehner. boehner's office says we have no plan from the president. i don't believe the president is serious, has been serious, and he better get serious because if i increased everybody's taxes across the board, even fees to get into national parks by 50% weed he'd still have a $600 billion deficit and you can't raise taxes that much without driving the economy into the ground. he has to cut spending, and he is not wired that way. alisyn: you know, as we just reported s&p said they were considering a downgrade of the u.s.'s rating. moody's also said something interesting, they were considering a downgrade if the
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debt debate didn't go forward if the debt ceiling weren't raised. now they are saying something different which is they may downgrade the rating any way if they've lost confidence that the u.s. can actually tackle its budget problems. what does this mean if we're downgraded from a aaa rate stph-g. >> it means we'll pay higher interest rates especially on our 30-year mortgages -- excuse me on our 30-year credit securities. fanny mae and freddie mac will pay a lot more for money as well. they are guaranteed by the u.s. government. mortgage rates will be higher. and that will mean the housing market won't recover any time soon, or sooner than whatever it will recover. so it's very dill louisian dill. i was amused just now by what nance pelosi said, that's the way meetings with presidents end. check the constitution, it's the
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house of representatives that decides how much the people spend through their government, and the speaker of the house was there yesterday. the president of the united states, the head of one branch of government walked out, stalked out on the head of another branch of government. if you're a rating agency and you see that kind of behavior and the republicans quarreling and bickering among themselves, do you think they could come up with a credible plan? if i were running moody's i would downgrade them on monday. alisyn: peter morici thanks so much for your expertise, we appreciate it. >> take care. alisyn: you too. again there is a lot of breaking news on the debt crisis across these next two hours. stick with us. we are now awaiting two press conferences. first house gop leadership will get in front of the cameras at about 1:15 eastern they are scheduled to discuss the balanced budget amendment. we should get details on today's upcoming meeting at the white house there also. an hour after that senate democrats will be holding a news conference with treasury secretary timothy geithner on the debt talks.
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we will be monitoring both of those live for you. and by the way, there is also up to the minute information on these debt talks posted 24-7 on our website. go to, and also remember to take fox news with you when you hit the road, or the beach this summer. fox find out how to match your smart phone directly into the most powerful name in news, you can check it all out there. there are some jaw dropping new reports on a growing threat of militant terrorist groups on our southern border. significant new evidence shows that hezbollah the proxy army of iran is arming and training mexico's violent drug cartels. trace gallagher is live in our west coast newsroom. what do we know, trace? >> reporter: we've been following the story for months, this is the first time that a police department from a city along the border has really sounded the alarm. this is an internal memo from the tucson police department that was leaked by the group, a
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siper hacking group that hacked into the arizona department of public safety maneuvers. it warns of a growing partnership between hezbollah and the cartels and that hezbollah is establishing large stockpiles of sophisticated weapons in mexico. the memo points to evidence such as the arrest of a hezbollah militant in tijuana last year trying to set up a base of operations there. the arrest of another militant in new york, which exposed a huge cashe of weapons stored in mexico, and the fact that cartels are changing tactics, using more car bombs and improvised explosive devices versus guns and knives which has always been their trait. here is a former drug enforcement agent talking about the threat. listen. >> what happens with this kind of scenario, really, is the witch's brew comes together. that cannot be good for us and it cannot be good for our national security, nor can it be
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good for mexico's columbia's or any other freedom-loving country around the world. >> reporter: a north carolina congresswoman says she has spoken with law leaders, with law enforcement officials in mexico who have told her in fact that this is a major problem, that in fact hezbollah is giving explosives training to the cartels. she sent a letter to the department of homeland security saying, and i'm quoting here, this might lead to israeli-like car bombings of mexican-usa border personnel or national guard units in the border region. the department of homeland security sent her a response saying, and again, i'm quoting, neither we, nor our partners can corroborate information indicating that lebanese hezbollah is operating in mexico, or that hezbollah is collaborating with mexican drug cartels. we just contacted the dhs. they say they are still standing by that statement, but the experts say this partnership works for both, because the
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cartels get expertise in smuggling and weapons, they get cheap cocaine and heroin from afghanistan, and what does hezbollah get? they get proximity to the lawlessness of mexico right next to the poorest mexican-united states border and that they could have a base of operations to attack u.s. interests. alisyn: oh, boy that is scary stuff. thanks so much for explaining it to us, trace. meanwhile washington is busy today. we are awaiting several new conferences on the debt standoff. first off republicans will tell us how americans can save money according to them. why are democrats already against the plan? and thousands in a tight knit jewish community here in new york city are mourning the brutal murder of a nine-year-old little boy. the suspect is now in custody. how this horrific crime could have been prevented. plus, casey anthony will be a free woman on sunday and she is ready to walkway with a few
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extra bucks in her pocket. we'll tell you who is sending her money. and we'll have an exclusive interview with the for man in this case. >> she has an absolute constitutional right not to testify. everyone wonders why whether the jury thinks why didn't she testify? was there any discussion about her not testifying? or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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alisyn: fox news alert now for you breaking news on a new proposal to keep uncle sam's future spending under control. house republicans laying out their plan for a balanced budget amendment. this latest move may only add more fuel to the high stakes debt crisis showdown that have now taken on a very personal note. here is what the legislation calls for. an annual balanced budget, spending that cannot exceed receipts, in other words don't spend more than you take in. spending limited to 18% of gdp. congressional approval to
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improve the debt limit. this last requirement obviously comes at a tense time. the legislation will be considered on the house floor next week. now democrats have said that they are opposed to any requirement for a balanced budget. number two democrat in the house steny hoyer says he is going to encourage all of his colleagues to vote against it. well core lee elan is a senior vice president for vox global, a former communication adviser to president obama. high, corey. >> hi, thanks for having me on. alisyn: nice to have you. this balanced budget amendment will be considered on the house floor next week. why would democrats be opposed to a balanced budget amendment? >> i tell you, the concern that the american people who are watching this right now is that they want leaders in washington to lead, they want them to come to washington and take care of the big issues that confront us right now, one is definitely the debt ceiling, the other is the debt. i tell you this. what they want is for us to take
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care of these big issues in a way that will allow you to work within our physical means, but at the same time provide them with the opportunities that they need for the future. this back and forth, these battling press conferences day to day, the ongoing conversations that they've been having, folks watching this at home have been terribly frustrated. my hope is we can get to a resolution on this very quickly. alisyn: sure, obviously everybody wants a resolution. americans are frustrated: doesn't it put the democrats in a bit of an untenable position to say, we are actually against a balanced budget? >> i think we need to clarify, democrats are not against the balanced budget. they are calling for a shared sacrifice. and the challenge is during the entire conversations about the debt ceiling, the debt and the deficit, what you've seen are democrats putting things on the line, willing to deal things away that are politically challenging, but we haven't seen the same from the other side.
1:18 pm
alisyn: you're saying that democrats want a balanced budget and republicans want a balanced budget. why doesn't everyone vote for a balanced budget amendment? >> well i tell you what, the word that has become the new dirty word in politics right now especially here in washington is compromise. right now neither side has a really good appreciation for what that word means, and i think that what we need to do is focus on getting -- taking care of the big issues that are confronting us right now. the fact of the matter is that president obama just last week put a $4 trillion package on the table to cut the deficit. i mean this is real money, even here in washington d.c., and once again you had the republicans back away from that. i think a big part of the frustration as well is we don't know who to talk to in the republican party right now. when we have good faith conversations with boehner boehner we come out with a 4 trillion-dollar badge and mr. boehner packs away. alisyn: he had eric cantor
1:19 pm
standing in for his stead. back to the balanced budget for a second. what would the critics say of democrats who don't want to sign it is the reason they don't want to sign it is because if there were a financial crisis say as there were in 2008 at the height of what we're dealing with right now it wouldn't allow democrats to do things like tarp, like bail out banks or bail out automakers and democrats want to be able to hang out to that bail out power. what do you think of that? >> i think that is the ultimate issue is what would a balanced budget amendment do for us when we have issues that we have to deal with very directly and immediately? alisyn: sorry to interrupt you. boehner boehner has just taken thjohn boehner has just taken t. >> i've told the president that his debt limit increase can only pass the house if it includes spending cuts that are larger than the increase in the debt
1:20 pm
limit, that there are no tax increases attached to this. and that serious reforms have to be enacted to restrict future spending. and i can't think of anything that would do more to insure such spending restraints are set in stone than implementing a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. the amendment that we vote on next week, frankly it's just common-sense. it says the government can only spend what it takes in, and places real limits on the ability of politicians to increase taxes or to increase spending. this common-sense measure can only become a reality when enough of our democrat colleagues join us in voting for it and sending it to the states. the american people -- alisyn: that was john boehner talking about the balanced budget amendment. i'm going to bring back corey ealons. they say they want it approved before they actually deal with raising the debt ceiling.
1:21 pm
is that going to happen, quickly. >> i can't speak to that. i don't know what is going to happen with this. what i can tell you is this is politics as its worse. right now the gop real lylesess that they've lost on the debt ceiling issue. they know that now with the moves that mcconnell has put forward the debt ceiling is going to get increased in some way, and right now they are just trying to change the subject. that is terribly unfortunate. that is politics at its worst. we need to focus on the big issues facing us in this country. while we need to deal with the debt, we need a balanced budget amendment, now is a challenging time to be discussing that. right now we are just trying to change the subject. alisyn: thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. alisyn: we are learning new information this hour in the murder of that 8-year-old boy in new york city. such a horrible story. up next see why police are now investigating whether this man has killed before. and a viral video prompting a small town to declare a state of emergency. why this footage of a woman being arrested prompted the city
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alisyn: an update on the most devastating story we've heard in a longtime. a man accused of murdering an 8-year-old new york city boy is undergoing dna testing. police are trying to figure out if levi aron is linked to any other crimes. they believe he abducted leiby kletzky when he was walking home from camp on monday. he killed him and dismembered him. laura ingle has more. >> reporter: investigators are scour eurpbg aron's third floor apartment in block lynn going through phone records and belongings. they are back there today as well as taking a sample of his dna and running it through a national database to see if he could be connected to any other missing persons cases. police are said to be hearing
1:26 pm
more gruesome details of the horrifying last moments of little leiby kletzky's life. in his reported confession aron levi complains he was approached by the lost boy for directions monday. he offered him a ride in his car and he says he took him to a wedding outside of new york city and got home late with the boy. he also reportedly told police that the boy fell asleep. but now there are reports claiming that there is evidence that leiby kletzky was tied up to a couch with rope. we are also hearing that aron had scratches on his arms and wrist, a sign as according to nypd police commissioner ray kelly that there was some kind of a struggle. there were marks on the victim's remains that could have been caused by restraints hearing that again today. tuesday aron went to work and saw posters with the boy's picture plastered everywhere. >> an indication that he panicked when he saw the fliers, that he saw the amount of activity being conducted by the
1:27 pm
community, and by the police looking for the boy. >> reporter: investigators say he suffocated the child with a towel. when police tracked aron down they found bloody knives and body parts inside his apartment. aron's neighbors describe him as creepy and say that he used to stair at little kids at the local playgrounds. one local security patrolman tells us today people who lived on the block are coming forward to say that kids on the street were afraid of him and he was always trying to coax kids into his house and car. levi aron is expected to be arraigned next hour on felony murder charges that could bring him life in prison without parole if convicted. alisyn: it's such a sickening and heart-breaking story let's hope that parents around the country are having stranger danger conversations with their kids as a result of this. thank you the update. a state of emergency in one small town, not because of any
1:28 pm
natural disaster, this is because of a video gone viral online. the town hall confrontation that tipped this town than its head next. and the future is now. the feds just gave a big thumbs up to this flying car. plus, president obama has asked americans to be patient with the economicee cover rebut a former labor secretary says that is not a luxury we can afford any more. and he's coming out swinging. that is next. >> even though the economy is growing, even though it's created more than 2 million jobs over the past 15 months we still face some tough times. we still face some challenges. this economy took a big hit. there are always going to be bumps on the road to recovery. [ male announcer ] you sprayed them. thought they were dead. [ laughter ] [ grunting ] huh? [ male announcer ] should've used roundup.
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alisyn: new concerns for president obama and it's not over the debt, it's the state of jobs in this country. the labor department issuing new numbers today. last week claims dipped slightly to 405,000, that is better than expected. economists proceed tkeubgted a much smaller decline to 415,000. but the problem is jobless claims have been well over the 400,000 mark for 14 straight weeks now. president clinton's former labor secretary robert rush talking to the editorial pages and blasting the president for not doing more to finish this problem. sally kohn is here.
1:33 pm
what is the president's plans to get more jobs to america. >> this is not a problem, this is a cast tas trough fee. we are talking about people's lives and families who are really hurting in this country. even those who aren't unemployed are barely hanging on. there are two things our leaders need to do, they need to fix the default crisis or else it's going to get worse and focus on creating jobs. unfortunately the republicans have made it clear that they actually wanted to make the economy worse so they can make sure that barack obama loses his job. that is clearly their number one priority. alisyn: do you think the president has been dealing with jobs well enough? >> frankly i think he should have passed a bigger stimulus people in the first place. i agree with robert reich on that. it didn't go far enough. he's being marred in these debates over the sanctity of our future economy rather than focus
1:34 pm
on jobs. alisyn: if only we had a bigger stimulus, rich we won't be in this jobs crisis. >> the idea you had a 877, whatever it was billion stimulus, the idea if you had a trillion, would it make a fundamental difference? that's ridiculous. what this president has proven is what we should have already known, you can't spend your way into a sound der economy into recovery. he is out of tools now. the things he talks president bush silly and ridiculous. patent reform and an infrastructure bank, that is not going to make a difference. alisyn: when robert reisch, obviously tkaepl krat comes out and calls for the president's plan for jobs grossly inadequate that probably means he hasn't done enough. >> he is also saying that the republicans haven't done enough either. i want to go to rich's point. look, businesses which are paying their lowest packs levels in the last half century are sitting on a record $1.1 trillion in unspent taxes. alisyn: why are they doing that
1:35 pm
and not hiring? >> that is a great question. instead of looking at that and saying we have a bad economy, they have to kick start the economy just like they did after the great depression, instead the republican plan is let's give them more money and hope they recrate some jobs, pretty, pretty please. >> the reason businesses aren't spending the money is lack of confidence in this economy. if you're actually forging a rational economic policy you won't have tax increases, you'd have the deficit under control, a sound and routine regulatory environment. instead this president he spent like a dunk even sailor initially, didn't get a short-term bump out of it really at all and contributed to a long term problem that really threatens the economy of the country. alisyn: robert rush didn't only criticize the president he claim up with a jobs plan he laid out what he would do to put americans back to work. similarly bill clinton did that a couple of weeks ago in newsweek. he had a nine-point plan on exactly what he would do to
1:36 pm
create jobs. why haven't we seen something like that from the president. >> i think early on in his term even though the democrats controlled the house and senate he was too worried about trying to please everyone on bolt sides of the aisles and actually do what was next for the country. let's be clear, clinton and reisch's plan call for raising taxes, shifting some of the burden on those who are fairing well in this economy. even ronald reagan raisette taxes eleven times for the good. >> ronald reagan was a huge net tax cut. that changed the way we taxed our economy. to portray reagan as a tax increase eris ridiculous. alisyn: that is the wapbs, just raising taxes not creative jobs plans. >> let's get clear on the record ronald reagan grew the deficit more than any evidence since george washington, combined, and taxes were higher under reagan than now. >> that is nothing like the deficit now. alisyn: what would you like to hear the president say now.
1:37 pm
>> i would like to hear him say i was wrong and i'm going to reverse field on all of this i'm going to deal with the deficit, not raise taxes and scale back obamacare. of course he won't say that, which is why he has to be defeat ned 2012 if you really want a sound economic policy. alisyn: we'll see what happens this web. you guys promised you were going to solve the problems. >> i did. alisyn: thanks so much, guys. all right now to the strange story of a state of emergency in a small arizona town. the city council of quarter site is yanking its mayor and putting the police chief in charge all this after dramatic video goes viral. this shows a woman being arrested at a public meeting. check this out. >> that is a violation of my rules of order. no i didn't recognize you. alisyn: this video getting nearly a hundred thousand hits on youtube and allegedly prompting death threats against the city councilmembers. trace gallagher is live in our west coast newsroom. what was this about.
1:38 pm
>> reporter: they are calling this chaos in quarter site. it's right on the arizona, california border. it was a city council meeting during the public speaking session of the city council meeting. the woman's name is jennifer j. jones, a blogger and a very big critic of the local government. she got up to speak making her comments, the rest you have to see, watch this. >> whether or not mr. winnot mrw would like to be out of order or not. >> all those in favor -- >> the lady has the floor here. >> thank you. >> she's been recognized she has the floor. >> officer that woman has the floor. you are violating my rules of order here. sergeant. sergeant, i have control of the meeting. >> just the opposite, do not resist the officer. >> the mayor haslike - >> do not resist the officer. >> let it go, jay, let it go. >> you guys do not resist. >> you are in violation of the lawful order of the mayor of this town. >> somebody is going to go to
1:39 pm
jail. >> got to have an arrest. >> call to order. >> reporter: you heard the guy in the back saying the lady has the floor, the lady has the floor. that wasn't the crowd, that was the mayor of quarter sited foster. he says look this is my meeting she has a right to speak. that went viral, a hundred thousand hits on youtube, people are outraged saying that they violated her 1st amendment right. they brought her out, they said they hurt her arm. the mayor by the way, he's out. the police chief is now running the town. the mayor says the reason he took over in the first place is because the town is corrupt, money was disappearing and he was trying to correct that, and the city council meeting was packed, people trying to get some answers, and instead they get hauled away. so this is not over yet. alisyn: what a mess. let'st'seep an eye on that. thanks, trace. meanwhile a lot of people still talking about the stunning verdict in the casey anthony trial, so what was it like to be
1:40 pm
in the deliberating room right after the jury reached its decision? >> when you sndmned the verdict in the verdict room and you basically, all right, let's go, let's tell the deputy we are ready to go, what was it like in the room? alisyn: the final part of greta's exclusive interview with the jury for man in just three minutes. and gunning the engine high in the sky. we'll have new details on how one of the first flying cars just got a lot closer to hitting the show room floor, or the shi. plus two great moments in history experienced by a father and his son together at the firs cor and then the final shuttle lrsnches 30 yeale aeet. their story just ahead. >> five, four, we've gone from main engine start, we have main engine start. liftoff of america's first seete shuttle. and the shuttle has cleared the
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cannot be offered to residents of new york. alisyn: casey anthony apparently making to casthe edays after beg acquitted of murdering her daughter. records show that strangers, mostly men, are sending her mone b hum. her jail bank account growing to nearly $500. when she walks out a free woman on sunday she will be able to take that money with her. and now we are also learning more about what the jury thought of casey personall b and how her tears asite,ected their verdict. greta van susteren sat down with an exclusive interview with the jury for man. >> did she look at you at all? did she have any eye contact with the jury. >>d, uick eeep contact she would make. we were sitting right in front of her, so it was going to happen. >> what do you think she is like, any idea? >> i have no clue.
1:45 pm
as far as, you know, i know from what i've seen in evidence, i have now from the videos that ie seen from her when she was in prison, the pictures that were taken that were admitted in evidence, anything about her personality, i do think that she has or she has isske,s that she'll bat cor e forever, isskes that i can't understand. i don't associate myself with people like that. so i don't reallyt'snow much about the personality of casey anthony. i just know from what i was aome to see that she does have problems. >> because something you didn't hear and had nothing to do with the trial or anything there were letters she wrote when she was in jail talking about having another child which horrified children. >> we didn'tt'snow anything abot those. >> and your thought about it. >> i donn't a have much thoughto it. i havenn't a given it much thou. her writing in prison to other people, yout'snow, i donn't at'w what else muc in p what else you
1:46 pm
can do in prison. as far as the new al alleged pregnanc b that again is something that really or it jut disgusts me. >> did you see her cry. >> yep. >> what did you think about that, geneyene or, what did you think about that? >> i don't know. i think there were times, you have now, when she was crying because -- i did think it was genuine when lee was crying. that was a very heart wrenched emotional point for lee, and i thought that was -- that was genuine for her, but all of the othele , i donn't at'snow what s asked to do or told what to do. i don't know if she is the type of person that can cry on the when she needs to. so not something that i really weighed into anything when it for to us come to a verdict. >> this is pretty clinical in a sense that you just l prk at the evidence, you l prk at the verdict form. >> you look at the verdict form, you look at your notes, and you lo at at the evidence, yes.
1:47 pm
>> did you ever feel sorry for her. >> no. >> not once? >> not once. >> how about did you ever feel sorry for george? >> no. you know, as far as -- i feel story for the fact tha cor you have now, now here they are lefo pick up the pieces. you have to keep in mind and you have tot'seep the perspective that there is -- their granddaughter is deceased, and i feel sorry for them in that aspect. and what sits with me, and what bothers me the most is the fact that they -- nobody made the effort. and i say the b i donn't at'snow if it's them, who, would ever or two, nobody made the effort to get a hold of someb may. >> cinict m mee the 911 call whn she found out. >> when she found out. >> cinict did. >> cinict is difsonrent. cindy was never one that we thought had any -- any point in
1:48 pm
the matter. bu cor yout'snought the others . and that's what we -- you know, and that is a shame, that's why re there reallyt should be something in place where we can -- that can be punishable, serious, not >> d something serious so they can be punished because of that. >> i understand it has to be proven beyond a reasonaomane doub cor that is a very db sonrt standard. don't know if it was accidental or a murder. >> rndmht. >> what is your suswhecion as to how that child got from the home to where the remains were found? >> it wasn't very far. yout'snought whether she was pun the trunk of casey's car, there is a good possibility of that. again, it's a suswhecion. yout'snought was she, you know,t in that car, then taken out of that car then put in anotherlik- we donn't at'snow. yout'snow the whole process of going from the house to the corner of suburban drive, ar fet around the corner to the spot on
1:49 pm
suburban drive, so, you know, i don't have -- you know i wisther i wish there was something that can tellto.s that, as to how tht really happened, who put the body in the car, yout'snought hw they put the b may in the car. what happened to the body before it was put in the car. those are isske,s that we just don'tt'snogoo >> when you signed the verdict in the verdict room and you basically said, all rndmht, lets go, let's tell the deputy we are ready to go, what was it like in the room? >> it was tough. >> meaning what? >> silence. it was very silent. and there was a lot of time. when it'snocked on that werr to the tou actually went out there was a lot of time for us, and it was just a ver >> d justmbe silent,d, eyeet moment for all f us.
1:50 pm
i wanted to -- i tried to close my eeeps and relax, and i really couldnn't a. alisyn: well you can watch the entire interview between greta and the jury for man on fox and donn't a miss on the record tonight at 10:00pm eastern time. moving oar. a father and his son witnessing 30 yeale of nasa's iconic space shuttle programs and capturing it all with their camera, taking this photo three decades ago at the shuttle's first launch, and after the break we'll show you what happened when they showedto.p last friday. and then months ago cameras caught some chrysler workele drinking beele and smoking something, after taxeetineeprs t billions bailing out their company. today the reporter went back to see b the workele h me changed their ways. we'll show you what he found ahead. >> when that information broke ontoonle on all the locals were put on notice that hey, if you have any membele doing this type of actmonit b let
1:51 pm
themt'snow it will not be condoned. >> it may not be condoned -- i had a het problem. i was told to begin my aspirin regimen. i just didn't listen until i almost lost my life. my doctor's again ordered me to take aspirin. and i do. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ mike ] listen to the doctor. take it seriously.
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alisyn: a father and son creating their own tribute marking the end of nasa's space shuttle program. this photo here that you're seeing was snapped in 1981 on the causeway of the kennedy space center at the first shuttle launch. then 30 years later this past friday they went back for the final shuttle launch to capture nearly the exact same picture. trace gallagher is live in our west coast newsroom. what a great piece of history and a family momento they have. >> reporter: it taps into america's longing for nostalgia. they posted it on flicker and got 550,000 hits. the father is a jewelry designer from jersey. he used to make the pins that went on the space suits. he got invited down to the 81
1:55 pm
shuttle launch. there they were, binoculars, cameras, they took the shot. from that causeway in florida they captured the shot of the shuttle actually going up in the air, the columbia as it made its way into history they watched it happen. they are selfconfessed space geeks. they decided they had to witness the last launch. they scored tickets and snapped another picture on exactly the same spot on the very same causeway, there it is 30 years later wearing nearly the same clothes. kenneth lives in new jersey, his son lives in new york. let's put them side-by-side. 30 years in the making the same causeway. look at that picture. that is the one that captured 550,000 different hits, i guess on flicker. they almost didn't make the second one, because they got from newark flying down, their flight was delayed five hours, when they got to orlando their rental car wasn't there. they eventually had to rent a
1:56 pm
15-passenger bus to make it there, but they made it there and that is history. alisyn: that is a great story. it was worth it. that is a great shot. trace, thanks a lot for showing us. >> reporter: okay. alisyn: note to washington, voters are watching what you do with the debt talks, and what you are saying in your ads. >> some politicians want to cut kids' programs while protecting corporate give aways and tax breaks for the rich. tell the presidential candidates to protect america's kids and the programs that protect them. >> reporter: so what did you think, big ad or bad ad. alisyn: coming up a conversation with a group of diverse voters about who they are planning to punish for the growing debt mess. when hidden cameras caught chrysler workers partying on the job after the big taxpayer bail out the story went national and chrysler promised changes. see what the cameras found this week just ahead. >> here they are, just steps away from the union hall, doing their thing. i've heard of guys being --
1:57 pm
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alisyn: i'm alisyn camerota in more megyn kelly. we are told the president will have a stern warning for lawmakers involved in these negotiations. this just hours before another sitdown at the white house is scheduled. republicans and democrats haling with president obama on a solution to the debt. 55% of the americans say the deal should not include a tax increase. 34% say it should. that number is split 50-50 among folks making more than 75,000 a year. scott, tell us what you make of the latest numbers. have they changed recently?
2:01 pm
>> they haven't changed a lot. americans are deeply concerned about the debt ceiling issue. 75% of americans say sit would be bad for the country if there is a default. but 52% say it will be even worse if the debt ceiling is raised and no long-term spending cuts are made. they don't believe what the politicians from either side are saying. alisyn: a poll by gallup found 62% of americans if you combine the middle two categories. the question is how would you prefer to see congress redice the national debt? only with budget cuts, 20%. mostly with cuts but also with tax hikes, 30%. equally with cuts and tax hikes. so, if you combine those middle
2:02 pm
two columns you get to 62% and that means in gallup most americans wants a combo deal. >> when you ask about how can you reduce the long-term deficit we find the exact same thing. if people are asked about it they will say, yeah we can put up with tax hikes but we want to see the spending cuts first and we wants most of the change to come from spending cuts. when we asked this question specifically about the debt ceiling negotiations, the president said he will not sign the extension without ref knew of increases, the american people don't like that response. the biggest credibility issue comes from the fact the american people have heard it before. we were told a few years ago we needed to come up with $700 billion or the economy would go into a bad state. well, it's in bad shape anyhow. we have been told many, many times there were deals to cut
2:03 pm
spending. about it last time it went down from one year the next was 1954. so to build support for change, the politicians will have to show they are serious about cutting spending. it sounds like if most americans are open to some combo deal and if as you said they could tolerate tax hikes, doesn't that give president obama the credibility to stick by his guns since that's what is claiming he wants in his plan? >> if the president can convince people of two things it would work to this favor, first that he's only taxing the wealthy and large corporations. and the president has to do something to show he's serious about cutting spending. he needs to show some government program he's willing to shut down. right now the american people believe he wants to increase spending. that's where his credibility is under attack. >> let many look at the next question you asked if your poll. how would you rate the way president obama has handled the
2:04 pm
debt ceiling so far. excellent, good, fair or far. what a were your results? >> it's split down the middle. i know this will shock you. there is a big partisan divide. democrats think he's doing a good job. republicans think he's doing a terrible job. unaffiliated voters. 51% say a poor job. alisyn: this is how americans' voices are heard, one of the ways. scott rasmussen thanks so much for coming in. meanwhile, senator chuck schumer, a new york democrat painting a gloomy picture of what maps if we default on our debt. >> we don't have a dime more student loans in august. when so many millions of american kids are planning to go back to college. we don't have money for the fbi. we don't have money for cancer research. i.r.s. refunds.
2:05 pm
border patrol, there would be none of that. if you are going to fully pay social security, met i care, our troops and interest on the debt you don't have anyone at border, anyone doing food inspections, anyone in the faa towers. america would come to a grinding halt. alisyn: senator schumer claims a lack of cooperation from republicans is pushing us towards that doomsday scenario. it looks like the top lawmakers and leader of the free world will be work overtime this weekend. talks at camp david this weekend are looking likely, but it's not set in stone yet. >> the on thing i hope he doesn't ask us to do is go to camp david. that goes beyond the pale. driving cowan the street for these meeting is one thing. i want that to be his preserve where he can go to renew and
2:06 pm
study and prepare for the next week. i want it to be a place where the president takes heads of state to close out all other concerns and stay focused. alisyn: start pack your bags. you may be going there. we want to hear from you. if there is no debt deal, where should the money go first? should it be military spending? social security in medicare? it's our you decide question today. log on to and tell us what you think about this. you can see how other viewers are voting. there is a new report that predicts the housing crisis is about to get much worse. real -- realty track, a company that monitors the real estate market is reporting there are 1 million foreclosures pending for next year. you can add that to the 1.7 million homes already in some stage of foreclosure right now. includinged the fears that the
2:07 pm
housing market could hold back the economic recovery for years. what does this mean, eric? >> first all, great to be with you. i have got good news, bad news and really bad news. 29% decrease in year over year foreclosures through the first half of this year, ending june 30. the bad news is up to a million of the foreclosures that would have already happened are pushed forward because of robosignings. banks have said we are going to take our time foreclosing on these homes. then the bad news is there is expected to be 1.2 million more homes foreclosing next year which mean the foreclosure markets and home market is at least a year and a half away from recovery. the reason for that they point out is joblessness, unemployment rates and gasoline prices. until those two things are fixed, probably home prices won't rebound.
2:08 pm
alisyn: gasoline prices are done better. >> reporter: it's $3.60 per gallon it many double what it was 2 1/2 years ago when mr. obama was elected and it's going in the wrong direction. remember when they released the 30 million barrels of gallons. now it's $99 a barrel. oil prices are going up, gasoline prices are going up. alisyn: if this is related to the jobless numbers and gasoline prices is there anything else that can be done to help the housing crisis? >> nothing that would make sense. there are things the obama administration has floated. more mortgage mitigation. but that puts a band-aid on a hemorrhage. we saw the cash for clunkers. we save the with the initial mortgage foreclosure situation. you have to let the markets clear. and it's a matter of price and time. it will be price we know about.
2:09 pm
it's the time that the unknown. but probably a good year to year and a half before we see a recovery. alisyn: everybody said have we hit the bottom? >> i said i think this will be the bottom and that was three or four months ago. but something changed last month. when we picked up from 9 to 9.1 and 9.2% unemployment the whole game changed. it is clear it's not a bump in the road. it was a change in unemployment in the lane market. the labor market is weak and it will probably stay weak. all those models, throw them out the window. you need to get people employed before anything else can get in line. don't forget "the five." alisyn: should the government take obese children away from
2:10 pm
their parents. today the mother of an obese child joins with her not live. new questions about some of the workers driving the american auto industry. >> shouldn't you guys be building cars? don't you guys work out at the chrysler factory? >> i hate to be a buzz kill. taxpayers bailed them out when detroit went belly up. today busted again. hitting the sauce, smoking dope on the job. and threats to social security and medicare payments coming a grinding halt if there is no deal on reducing the debts. we are minutes away from what's expected to be a brand-new warning on this crisis. >> i think it's wrong for anybody to assume that everyone living in america is not an american and we love this country, we love our people. we love everything and we want the best. >> they are assuming we are all frightened an scared and we are worried we are going to lose everything.
2:11 pm
but what we are waiting for is something to say yes to. they are assuming we are going to turn on each other. in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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alisyn: we are seconds away from a new warning about the debt crisis. that is a new look where we are awaiting statement by treasury secretary tim geithner. this ahead of another round of talks on spending cuts and increasing the debt limit at the white house. neal boortz joins me now. we are waiting for tim geithner to come out. he has not been shy about painting the worst case scenario recently. he called it catastrophic if the debt ceiling isn't raids. what do you think he will say today? >> this has been their tactic for a couple days now. they have somebody step out, tell everybody how terrible things will be, then they go into the negotiations.
2:15 pm
i don't think it is all -- alisyn: just as an example. you have gave me a perfect opening. i want to play something senator chuck schumer said earlier today about what he thinks this doomsday scenario would look like. let's listen. >> we don't have a dime for student loans in august, when so many millions of american kids are planning to go back to college. we don't have money for the fbi, we don't have money for cancer research, i.r.s. refunds, border patrol, there would be none of that. if you are going to fully pay social security, medicare, our troops and interest on the debt you don't have anyone at border, anyone doing food inspections, anyone in the faa towers. america would come to a grinding halt. alisyn: america would come to a grinding halt. planes flying into each other.
2:16 pm
how does chuck schumer know that would happen. >> he knows it won't happen. he knows boi knows that barack s taken student loans off the table. he knows unspent some time plus funds cannot be parts of this. high speed rail cannot be parts of this. my green jobs program cannot be a part of it. all these things barack obama set aside, then chuck schumer does this armageddon speech. look, we have the money to pay social security, we have the money to put border patrol agents. we have it all. we have $172 billion of income coming into the treasury in august. and they owe $29 billion in interest on the debt. where is the big scare? alisyn:ies moody's considering downgrading the trim a rating if that's the case? >> maybe they are considering
2:17 pm
downgrading it because our our politicians cannot get serious about reducing the copps of government. barack obama has doubled our debt since he's been in office an can't come up -- it's gone up by 25% in the first four years. spending up by 25%. he can't find 5% in real cuts? this is all about demagoguery. and these polls -- i heard mr. rasmussen. wouldn't you like to see a poll of people who actually pay income taxes? i'm a little tired of hearing people that don't have any federal income tax liability at all saying, hey, i don't have problem with raising taxes on the rich. why should you be asked in the first place? you are part of problem. you are not parts of the solution. pay some taxes yourself, then you can tell us that you don't have a problem with them raising taxes on the rich.
2:18 pm
alisyn: what you are saying, it's all demagoguery. its even groalsd the entire country and all of capitol hill. clearly moody's and the a & p don't think it's demagoguery. they are losing confidence in america's ability to tackle the budget problems. you think nothing will happen if we don't raise the debt ceiling? >> i'm not saying nothing will happen. i'm saying we'll not default on the people that have loaned us money. we'll have to cut back on spending on these programs. barack obama is going have some to say, high speed rail on the table, student loans on the table, my green jobs, on the table. we are spending too much money. this is not a ref knew of problem, it's a spending problem. like barack obama's tax on these
2:19 pm
evil, disgusting jet owners. that's $3 billion over 10 years. that is nothing. it's all demagoguery. i'm going after the rich people because this is what democrat voter bases love to hear. nailing rich people. alisyn: neal boortz, you never minutemince words. meanwhile, excitement building as the u.s. women's soccer team one win away from the world cup. their first world cup title in 10 years. after chrysler workers were caught on camera drink on the job. the bailed out car maker said it was gets together bottom of the problem. the cameras went back and we'll show what you they found. >> aren't you supposed to be
2:20 pm
starting work pretty soon? what you got in the bag? you got a couple beers? >> beer. >> you drink beer all the time but start work? >> no. >> didn't you come here an hour ago and have a couple beers?
2:21 pm
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alisyn: breaking news. we are awaiting a statement from treasury secretary tim geithner. but harry reid is at the microphone. >> all of our troops, funding for kids to be able to go to school, law enforcement, we democrats believe we need a reasonable balanced approach to cut spending and put us on a path to fiscal security and stability. and most republicans agree with
2:24 pm
what i just said. unfortunately there is a small group of republicans who are calling the shots who are putting their extreme ideology over the interests of families in nevada and all over this country. they are insisting we kit seniors' benefits instead of paying tax-pair funded give aways to billionaires and corporate jets and things of that nature. they have gone so far as to say we should doubt the words of the presidents of the united states and the secretary of the treasury. secretary geithner told us he has had the good fortune to not only have a wonderful staff, but other secretaries have gone through things similar to this. never with the extreme urgency an knows all the work they have done. so there has been a place to go in the library to pick out a book to find out what happened in the past. there is no wiggle room, i
2:25 pm
repeat. moody's warning yesterday should serve as a wakeup call to anyone who doubts that the consequences we are talking about are real. so it's time for all republicans to put the interests of american families ahead of this small group of ideologues within their party. alisyn: you have been listening to harry reid. here comes secretary tim geithner. >> thanks for giving me a chance to talk through these problems and how we solve them. there is unanimity in that room that we are a country that meets its obligations and pay our bills and we'll act and do what's necessary to make sure we can maintain that commitment. we looked at all available options and we have no way to give congress more time to solve this problem and we are running out of time. the eyes of the country are on us, and thize of the world are on us and we need to make sure we stand together and send a
2:26 pm
definitive signal that we are going to take the steps necessary to avoid default and also take advantage of this opportunities to make some progress in dealing with our long-term fiscal problems. we don't have much time, it's time we move. thank you very much. alisyn: that was short and sweets. that was treasury secretary tim geithner. we have been waiting for this statement to talk about the debt ceiling and what fruits the negotiations had borne. but all he said is we are running out of time. we don't have time to go beyond august 2 so he wanted them to get back to work. let's listen to what senator mitch mcconnell said earlier today. we just heard from senator harry reid. >> it's time to change this debates all together. it's time to make it clear to the american people where the two partsies snrand this
2:27 pm
debates. if you are with the president and his vision of a government that continues to live beyond its means or you are with those of us who believes washington needs song medicine. either you want to borrow and spend our nation into oblivion or you want to get our fiscal house in order. alisyn: you heard from senators on both sides of the aisle as well as treasury secretary tim geithner. so what does the average american think about the sail mate on capitol hill? we'll discuss that next. >> we are in a debt crisis. the americans are reaching a point where they are doing their own research and they wants the facts. if we try to make enemies amongst each other we have a problem. talk to us like adults. >> they are taking it to the lowest common denominator. give us more credit. with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced. i don't always have time to eat like i should. that's why i like glucerna shakes.
2:28 pm
they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes, which can help lower a1c. [ ma announcer ] glucerna. helping people with diabetes find balance. and i count on social security. here's what i'm not... a pushover. right now, some in washington want to make a deal cutting the social security and medicare benefits we worked for. with billions in waste and loopholes, how could they look at us? maybe we seem like an easy target...
2:29 pm
until you realize... there are 50 million of us. [ female announcer ] tell the politicians: cut waste and loopholes, not our benefits.
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2:31 pm
this is lisa... who switched to aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief oaleve in liquid gels. alisyn: moments ago a short but stern warning on the debt crisis from secretary of the treasury tim geithner. here it is seconds ago. >> thank you for letting me talk about this problem and how we solve it. there is unanimity in the room that we are a country that meets its obligations and pay our bills.
2:32 pm
we'll act and do what's necessary to make sure we can maintain that commitment. we lookeddal all available options and we have no way to give congress more time to solve this problem. and we are running out of time. the eyes of the country are on us. and the eyes of the world are on us and we need to make sure we stand together and send a definitive signal. we are going to take the steps necessary to avoid default and also take advantage of this opportunity to make some progress in dealing with our long-term fiscal problems. we don't have much time. it's time we move. thank you very much. alisyn: despite all the rhetoric from republicans within democrats and the whites house. none of the sides appear much closer to a deal than they did a few weeks ago. what does the average joe and jane think about the attack ads? >> we are 15 months away from the election and still the negative ads are running fast and furious. we showed our vote ears bunch of
2:33 pm
them and there are several they really hated. let's see one of them right now. >> if you are in charge america's budget would you cut school nutrition programs or tax breaks for mull my million airs. free school program or subjects does for big oil companies. college loans for stiewlds or special deals for companies that ship american jobs overseas. some politicians wants to cut kids' programs while protecting corporal tax brakes for the ri rich. >> reporter: so what did you have think, good ad or badded a? you are one of the youngest people here. what was wrong with that ad. >> it was unbelievable. everything is always about the children. arguably we are always discussion the children. it was unbelievable to me. >> reporter: around mom. did it get to you. >> it got to me in a certain way i don't wants things cuts such as public education and
2:34 pm
healthcare. the ad was fair but the way it was promoted -- >> it gives the impression that just because certain people are on the opposing view that they actually don't care about those things. we do care. it's just -- >> it's not fair it's incredibly insulting and manipulative. >> yes, i agree. >> we have gone from glass warfare into pants warfare and kid warfare. what next. >> i think it's wrong for anybody who assume everyone living in america is not an american and we love this country and love our people. we love everything and we wants the best. >> as an american it struck a cord. if you look at cutting programs for children instead of doing something. the children are the future. >> the problem with washington is they go to fear and scare
2:35 pm
acrostactics instead of tackline problem. >> reporter: what message do you want to give to the people who create these ads? >> talk to us like adults. >> reporter: you don't feel they do? >> no. >> they are trying to use the emotional factor and just reduces it to -- >> reporter: go ahead. >> they are dug up it down. they are take it to the lowest common denominator. give us more credit. you know? >> reporter: what is your reaction as a mom. >> they are make us believe the other side is heartless. we are in a debt crisis. there are some things that have to be challenged and dealt with. >> it was a play and th -- it wt
2:36 pm
attempt at pulling on our heart strings. get more mature information. >> i feel the same way. i don't think my children should be made pawns in people's political ideas. i think children are important. >> you can just see the way the information on a commercial -- they talk about the children and we are going to kill kids and all these bad things, it's one party. they talk about facts and statistics it's another party. you can tell what it is. reporter: negative ads do work. you tell me -- >> they are assuming that we are all frightened and scared and worried that we are going to lose everything. but we are waiting for something to say yes to. they are assuming we'll turn on each other. >> we are in a debt crisis. americans are reached the points
2:37 pm
where they are doing their own research and they want the facts. we are trying to make enemies amongst each other we have a problem. >> negative ads work if they are a i -- ifthey are statistically. >> reporter: i know there are americans who feel the way you do. have you hard enough of negative ads? i hope you heard them. alisyn: the next debts meeting is at 4:00 p.m. eastern at the white house. we'll see what happens today. this fox news alert. we are getting words of brand-new documents from a public interest watchdog group about the obama administration's handling of the media. emails obtained by judicial watch showed administration
2:38 pm
eliminated fox news -- >> reporter: fox had a confrontation with the press corps. crew dust watch filed a freedom of information request that sheds new light on the matter. listen. >> we filed an freedom of information request in october of twine. of -- of 2009. we didn't get aan answer until 18 months later. >> reporter: it first offered interviewed to the three big networks which decided to make it a pool. but then officials decided to expand access to include cnn and possibly other cable networks, but not fox. an email from the director of broadcast media at the white house, the assistant secretary
2:39 pm
or public affairs at treasury shed some light on this bring doing her saying quote let me know which cables you add and we prefer if you skip fox, please. it is not clear who we refers to. one press aide talked about putting a dead fish in fox's cubby. president obama himself seemed to classify fox news as different from other news organizations. he told nbc if media is operating as hog radio format and if it's operating as a news outlet that's another. he does not make that distinction with cnn or msnbc. but jay carney tried to it it behind them. >> at times there was a dispute between fox news and its coverage and the white house and its feelings about the coverage. that was then, and we obviously deal with fox news regularly. i call on you regularly. we give interviews to fox news,
2:40 pm
including to bill o'reilly. >> reporter: at the time the white house passed it off as a low-level mistake. but one email shows they have still had a rather negative view of fox. the bottom line one email said we demonstrated our ability and willingness to exclude fox news from significant interviews. alisyn: sounds like the documents confirm what many people suspected all along. thanks for telling us about that. the push to take obese kids away from their parents sparked a firey debate here ned. not you mother of an overwait child joins us with her case on this controversial issue. >> there should be an investigation on whether there actually is abuse. not to make an assumption because there is childhood obesity there is abuse going on. that assumption is disturbing. removing the child from the home has long term emotional,
2:41 pm
physical, intellectual and relational impact. >> no one is debating that. we are trying to protect them from the dig figment of obesity. >> treatment within the home ... [ male announcer ] the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more amecans, many in small towns and rural communities,
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2:45 pm
you. what sparked the debate is the obesity expert at children's hospital in brand-new said there might come a time when state could do a better onof caring for obese children than their parents with do. what do you think of the state possibly taking away obese kids? >> i think the state should take away the whole family. the family needs the education. the family needs to be completely educated on nutrition, and exercise. why it many important. why things happen. and sometimes things do fail inside the home and you need to seek help from others. alisyn: tell us your personal story. what you was it your daughter became overweight? >> i never really noticed it until one day she tried to order two meals at lunch. i said it's time to look into summer camp. we looked up two different cams on line. we ended up with camp shane in new york.
2:46 pm
amy there was fantastic and made me feel comfortable. financially she accommodated our budget, knowing that my daughter was heavy and this is what my daughter needed. alisyn: now you are getting some coping tools and your daughter is getting tools. i want to bring in father albert. teresa is sharing a personal story. some parents don't have the tools, they don't have the know-how to help their kids. if the kid become severely obese should the state step? >> ching are not ping-pong balls. i think that's horribly traumatizing to children and too many parents are being declared unfit by our court system while other parents get away with not calling the authorities when their children are mission for so many days and here it is not guilty. i'm saying that's neglect. for children who have obesity
2:47 pm
problems and parents who have this thing their family they need obesity education. you the state should say let's help that family. taking that child away from the- away from the family because it's considered abuse. we have to deal with sexual predators and that's a problem. i don't see the law getting tough on those issues. alisyn: let me throw this statistic out to you. 17% of america's children and teenagers * oh piece. that number has tripled since 1980. what are the parents doing wrong? >> i can answer that for you. alisyn: tell us what your theory is? >> it's financial. it's easier to go to a fast food restaurant than it is for to you sit down and buy nutritional meals that i have learned from
2:48 pm
red light green light book which is extremely interesting on nutrition and shows you how to have a lee-cost cheap, easy meal to make. >> mom and dad are both work all the time. they get home tired. they order pizza. it's easier to go through the drive-thru. mom and dad are not taking time to prepare meals technology for the kids, sitting down at the table to talk and this is where obesity comes from. i used to climb trees after school. i used to ride my bicycle. these kids get home and go on the computer for hours and hours. the computer is the best way to keep getting fat because they don't have to move. alisyn: given there is a sea damage in our culture and two parents are work and it's hard to have a healthy sit-down meal. what is the answer? >> you have got to monitor your children. parents have to say, this much
2:49 pm
time on the computer. this much time to exercise. kids need structure and basically people don't want to give their kids structure. alisyn: what have you learned? what will you do differently? >> we have a whole bunch of different things. and that have been implement. but i want to make one comment. why does the the state make more outdoor programs available or activities available to the kids for no charge. i live north of boston. and it would cost me $60 to $80 to have my kid play soccer? >> how many of our schools are cutting the physical education programs because they decided it's not important? i think kid need to be active. i went to public school all my life. we had fiscal ed every day. alisyn: it's great to hear your
2:50 pm
shots and how you are changing your family through nutrition and exercise and father albert thanks so much for coming in with your thoughts. your show, "father albert" is a new day time stalk show that debuted for a five-week sneak peek, check your local listings for times. great to see you, father. meanwhile the last time the u.s. women's soccer team took home a world cup title was 1999. but a big win over france sending them back to the finals. can they beat japan and win it all? >> people who are average soccer fans and average sports fans get into it. it's also nationality. the u.s.a. and people get excited about it. to keep in balance after 50, i switched to a complete multivitamin with more. only one a day women's 50+ advantage has ginkgo for memory and concentration, plus support for bone and breast health.
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a great addition to my routine. [ female announcer ] one a day women's.
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alisyn: there are brand-new developments in the news corp phone hacking case. rupert murdoch and his son agreeing to appear for a hearing next week. news corp is the parent company of fox news channel. >> reporter: rupert and james murdoch will appear before that parliamentary select committee to answer questions about phone hack and the payments made to police for information. they will be joined by rebecca brooks. she is the chief executive of news international, and was the editor of nice of the world, the sunday tabloid at the time it allegedly hired a detective to hack into the voice mail of an abducted school girl who was
2:55 pm
later murdered. rupert and james murdoch initial declined to go before the committee citing prior engagements with you offering to cooperate at a later date. but a formal summons arrived, and that happened here in london. so they have decided to go. >> day by day this has become worse for them. it's engulfed them in a way and there has been a sense of meltdown around them. they have some really difficult questions to face. >> reporter: reportedly the fine has opened an investigation in the united states to determine whether or not of any news corp's entities hacked into the voicemail systems of victims of 9/11. alisyn: the debt showdown, why seniors could be at risk and what it means for the average
2:56 pm
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